Romar Beach Baptist Church
Thursday, July 09, 2020
The Lighthouse on the beach making a stand in the sand

18th Anniversary


Romar Beach BaptistChurch 18th Anniversary Recognition
                                             Dr. Paul Smith, Th.D. & Janet Smith
Anniversary Recognition

The Romar Beach Story


     Romar Beach Baptist Church began with an inspired dream held by two brothers, retired missionary Shelby Smith and semi-retired       evangelist Paul Smith.  As Paul drove up and down the beach highway, the church that was not there kept appearing in that dream.  Shelby and Paul met with the Baldwin Baptist Association, and the idea  grew.  With no sponsoring mother church, it was originally sponsored by the Association.  A letter was sent in the local mail announcing the first service on the second Sunday in June, 1995, at Dempsey's Restaurant at 9 a.m.  37 people showed up for that first service.

     Dempsey's was sold in 1997, and a church did not fit in the plans of the new owners, so we were asked to leave.  After much soul searching and considering several options including disbanding and renting, we, with 8 members, took a huge step of faith and purchased the property we are now on.  At that time it had a large beach house on it.  We tore out walls and enclosed the back deck, and made an L-shaped              auditorium that would seat about 200.  That building was totally       destroyed by Hurricane Ivan on September 16, 2004. 

     Again, we were faced with the decision about our future.  Some  wanted to sell the land and relocate.  We had offers that started at six million and finally rose to 14 million dollars. Eventually, we recognized that our call was to be a lighthouse on the beach, and, with 40        members, voted to build the present facility.  Also, today is also the 5th Anniversary of the 1st meeting in the present facility.

     But we are not about buildings.  We are about people.  We are called to be a Lighthouse on the Beach for Orange Beach, and for people across America and the world who attend weekly. God has provided these wonderful facilities to be used for His glory.  This is the place  where people from all walks of life and from many different places meet to praise and glorify Jesus.  Everything we attempt to do is not about us.  It's all about Him!!!  Today is the 18th anniversary of that first meeting.  It's been an amazing trip, and the story is still going on!!